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After a despicable delay, this weekend will bring some new chapters of the MojoQuest. Having floated down one of the ten best river expeditions in the world, stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong and defied all odds by not getting ill again, these chapters are sure to be of greater than mildly average quality.

If I can find the thumbnail-size USB stick I bought in Nepal, then there may also be some pictures. Don’t get your hopes up though, I think I dropped in a Hong Kong gamers’ café.



On Excitement, Hats and Style

What does MojoQuest mean to me?

My philosophy degree taught me to remain questioning; MojoQuest will hopefully teach me to remain questing – which I understand as the real-world form of questioning.

Over the last ten years I’ve been in and out of long-term relationships, spending no more than a few months single at any one point. While those relationships have been valuable and I’ve learned a lot about myself and others in that time, I’ve always existed as part of a couple. When my most recent relationship ended, I was shocked that being part of a couple was my default emotional position.

During those ten years, as I look back, I realise I’ve not done much to shout about either. When I was 16, I did all sorts of exciting and brave (and active) things: things like climbing mountains and swimming marathons. Recently I’ve got back on with doing interesting stuff like getting a philosophy degree and trying to be a social entrepreneur (see the About Me page), but nothing that makes me think “Wow!” (or makes other people say “Wow!”, which can be equally as important).

MojoQuest is simply an active exploration of the world, its people and activities; but exploring that’s done by myself and for me, in order to reset my default emotional position to being excited and happy to be me, without reference to anyone else. This requires a considerable amount of hat-wearing.

What’s with the hats?

MojoQuest has a hat theme. There are a few reasons for this, the main one being that interesting stuff happens more often when I’m wearing a hat. This began when I was a teenager on the King’s Road and was wearing a straw sunhat that was going to Kenya with me (see, I did cool stuff back then). All the very pretty girls wanted to try my hat on. This was the most female attention I had ever received. Hats became even more of a thing for me.

For my 18th (or my 21st?) birthday, my mum gave me a photo album of me wearing hats throughout my life. The idea was that I would keep adding to it. I haven’t; I’ve not really worn hats that much in the last few years. Time for more hats.

Other reasons:

  • My mum’s an astonishingly brilliant couture milliner:
  • Hat-wearing is a lost art.
  • I needed a theme and the more quest-y things like shields and magic rings and wizards seemed too clumsy.

What to I hope to achieve?

I suppose I don’t really know and that that’s basically the whole point. While I’m setting myself some rules and guidelines for this blog, there are no restrictions on the actual quest.

I will most likely be questing for the rest of my life; in fact, if I’m not, can someone give me a kick up the arse to get me questing again? I like the Chinese attitude that runs along the lines of ‘If you’re proud of what you’ve done, you’ve stopped trying’; which is similar to the scientific attitude ‘If you’ve stopped asking questions, you’re not doing science any more.’

What form will this blog take?

Initially, I’ll be documenting the things I’ve done and learned since deciding to quest for a mojo. This will most likely involve hats and the occasional introspective.

Then this will become a semi-travel blog, where I’ll be writing up the more interesting parts of my trip to Nepal (and possibly beyond). Expect varying writing styles (including poetry, if I take the right malaria medication) and a certain surprise hidden in each post.

If I can get it to work, I’ll also have a map that will show you where I’ve been and hopefully link to the post I wrote about that particular place.


All recommendations for content are welcomed. I hope you enjoy it.